Where The Military Meets The Mat.

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What We Do

Joined Forces Yoga brings FREE yoga to ACTIVE military where they are. What does that mean? It means we train instructors to teach a specific, physical style of yoga that is designed for the needs of our active military personnel. It also means that we show up on base to teach the classes during their regular PT time. We bring mats, provide blocks, straps, etc... they just have to show up and do the work.

Why We Need You

JFY runs 100% on the motivation of volunteers. EVERYTHING - travel, marketing, instructors, web design - no one is paid a penny for their time and expertise in supporting out military.

Yoga mats, blocks, straps, and the massive amounts of cleaning products to keep everything sanitary? EXPENSIVE!

We rely completely on the support of those who understand how deeply our soldiers and sailors are impacted by their 90 minutes a week of being on the mat, caring for their mind and body.

Not a dime of donations goes to administrative costs. Every cent directly impacts a soldier. When you give, your entire contribution makes a difference. 

Why It Matters

There are a lot of great organizations out there bringing yoga to our veteran community. They do amazing work. We specifically work with our ACTIVE military so that if/when there is a day in the future that a soldier needs support - something in addition to/other than the often subscribe pills - they will remember having a great experience with JFY and seek out yoga or a mindfulness practice. We're "playing the long game" and planting seeds for the future generations. 


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