Freedom and Yoga


The word freedom means a few different things to me. In the literal terms, it’s a way of living without fear. Often when I teach yoga classes, I incorporate the word freedom. I speak to finding freedom on your yoga mat as well as in your life.

If you want to find freedom in your life, come from what’s possible and drop the stories you tell yourself. Stop telling yourself the lies of: I’m not strong enough, not flexible enough, not worthy, not loved, not wanted, not smart, etc. Those lies will leave you stuck and not open to see your blind spots. You are the author of the next page & the next chapters of your life. Create the life you want to live and create space for freedom and ease. Once you find your freedom, you’ll find clarity of what’s important to you.

When I enlisted in the Air Force in 1993, I had a strong desire to serve my country and to provide the blanket of freedom to our citizens. 25 years later, I continue to provide freedom by wearing the uniform and by teaching yoga.

Don't take your freedom for granted.

Brian M. Thomas

Senior Master Sergeant, AZANG

Board of Directors, Joined Forces Yoga

CERTIFIED 750hr Baptiste Yoga Teacher

#military #yoga #community #volunteer #honor

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