One Team.

Service is the bedrock of the military.

All members of the Armed Forces join because they want to serve their nation, their communities, and their fellow service-members. Everyone who joins the military, joins to serve. They learn to be a part of something bigger than themselves. This is one of the many things that makes the military unique. It is an organization that is truly focused on service.

There are many communities in our great nations that also exist to serve. Americans are incredibly generous with their time and money, and there are many non-profit organizations that exist to serve others. Joined Forces Yoga is one of these communities. They are a community of volunteers that exists to serve the members of the military. They put the needs of the service-members ahead of their own as they dedicate their time and resources to teach yoga to the military community. They are also a very tight-knit group. They exude positivity as they support each other in their Joined Forces Yoga community. Their teamwork and support to each other empowers them to serve and support the military.

Yoga is a very important part of building this sense of community in the Joined Forces Yoga team and among the military people they serve. Yoga allows people to strengthen themselves mentally and physically. It also helps service-members to heal and recover from the injuries sustained during military life. Yoga helps the team and community grow closer together. Anyone who has sweated through a yoga session with the Joined Forces Team understands the meaning of “misery loves company” and “shared hardship.” Service members routinely leave the yoga session very tired, but they also feel refreshed and united as a team. This is why the service of Joined Forces Yoga is so important to their community and to the military at large.

Colonel Eric Lopez Student, US Army War College YouTube Channel: Lopez on Leadership

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