Momma Got You

I asked LaToya, one of our regular teachers at Fort Campbell, to write about yoga, community and our soldiers. If you haven’t met LaToya, you are missing the glittery sparkles she can bring to your life. Watching LaToya interact with our soldiers on Thursday mornings is a blend of community and camaraderie we, as yoga teachers should follow. She leads by example…enjoy!

Yoga talks about the union between ourselves and our breath or body but I think that it is so much bigger. Yoga provides a connection to the community that transcends all facets of our lives. I witness this on Thursdays when the JFY team shows up bright-eyed (maybe not so bright-eyed) and bushy-tail ready to share the awesomeness of this practice.

When the soldiers file in, I automatically venture in their direction and the very first thing I do is my “handshake.” This is my way of saying welcome and I usually do some crazy fist bumps and finger snaps- anything to bring humor.

When we start to teach and assist our connection grows with them. You are no longer yoga teacher or student, it is a symbiotic (I love that word by the way) relationship where we say

“It’s ok, I got you.”

The stiffness in their bodies relaxes and a smile comes across their face and maybe some “Lord, help me,” for which I say, “Momma got you.” Then all of a sudden I have a soldier yelling “Momma help me!” AND momma runs to assist.

I laugh about it now as I am typing. I know this is true connection to our community we serve. What do you need to feel connected?

Brene Brown has this wonderful quote, “ Show up for collective moments of joy and pain so we can actually bear witness to inextricable human connection.” Now, read that again, close your eyes and just embrace those words. What does that quote mean to you?

I believe it means that you have to show up man. When we pay attention or show up we see people at their best and we witness those collective moments of joy. How are you showing up?

When we are able to bond with each other something absolutely magical happens, we open ourselves up to humanity. We are no longer alone because we are surrounded by our communities, families and friends. Correction we have opened ourselves up to connecting with each other that cannot be described with mere words but with fist bumps, high fives, hugs and those moments are blissful.

I have this one wish for whoever reads this (whether you are a yogi or not): SHOW UP.

Show Up for your community and create timeless moments of connection. Be the lighthouse and use your light to bring other ships to shore together.

Until next time… Show Up, Serve and Shine

#yoga #community #volunteer

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