Cat Shit Happens

Ever had one of those mornings where you wake up before your alarm, head to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and know this is going to be a GREAT day… then life hits you with cat shit in your kitchen sink? Not just one small turd, but a strategically placed Jenga game of shit. Where one false move and into the garbage disposal they fall. Being a “yogi,” I should be able to use my super meditative breathing or enlightened awareness of self to overcome this obstacle before me. Right?

Instead, I mumble “fuck” and consider leaving the mess for Greg. Turning a blind eye. Much like life and our physical well-being, we turn a blind eye to many things we find uncomfortable or painful (cleaning cat shit out of the garbage disposal is painful -Final Destination 2).

What about yoga makes you uncomfortable? What are your excuses? “I’m not flexible. Yoga hurts. I can’t do the poses right.” I’m here to tell you Yoga is just like cleaning cat shit out of your kitchen sink - it’s messy, it stinks, it’s shitty, and you might throw up a little. Ask me about my Hot26 experience.

Do you have “cat-shit” pose? Mine is handstand.

I tell myself every year I move

them away from the security

of the wall…10 years later,

I am still using the wall. WTF??

I can tell you that as we continue to practice, we learn what needs to be done to work through the pain or feelings of being uncomfortable. YOU do the work on YOUR yoga mat. YOU learn what poses are a challenge. YOU discover what modifications need to be taken to find some ease in your body. YOU learn about yourself.. Turning a blind eye leaves the shit in the sink rather than picking it up and moving forward. Guess I better get to work on my handstands although, I might just accept my non-handstand practice OR we can work together.


Until next time…here kitty, kitty, kitty.

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