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At our most recent Joined Forces Yoga (JFY) Board meeting, I brought up the need to write a blog. “We need a blog for JFY” and I honestly thought one of my brilliant Board Members would jump at this amazing opportunity. Needless to say, I was volun-told to write the first blog. So here I sit trying to figure out how I will put down on paper my love for Joined Forces Yoga and convince you to feel the same.

Much like the first time I was forced to chant in a yoga training and I sarcastically texted my husband, Greg (who was deployed at the time), to let him know “I chanted! I am a chanter!” (in my best Bob Wiley voice). Again, Bob is prodding me along with encouragement… “I’m blogging! I’m blogging! I blog! I’m a blogger!” True to my nature, you say YES and then figure that shit out to make it happen.

Joined Forces Yoga was founded four years ago during two major events happening in my life: 200RYT Teacher Training and Greg’s 4th deployment. This deployment, like all the others, had its own personality and challenges. The major difference for me, personally, was my newfound love of yoga and how it was changing my perception on everything. While Greg was in Afghanistan, he began having chronic back pain (didn’t want to take medication), experienced several anxiety attacks (unsure of the causes), minimal sleep and was over-exercising. As a concerned wife, I saw my husband on the road to a major injury or worse. Like all military wives, our husband’s well-being is priority. I began mailing Greg care packages full of lavender essential oil to help with his sleep and anxiety, pictures of me in various yoga poses (I was fully clothed) to help with his back pain and exercising, and anything I thought would help. I also started to research yoga non-profits for our military and did not find one I felt would be a match for my husband’s needs or those similar to him… I saw a need, found MY mission and created Joined Forces Yoga.

Joined Forces Yoga’s mission is to bring free yoga to our military WHERE THEY ARE… we offer challenging, fun and accessible classes to our active military during their Physical Training time to best suit their training regiment. Our vision is to SERVE and give back to this amazing military community.

I will end with the profound words of Dr. Leo Marvin, “Keep sailing, Bob.” Until my next blog...

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